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Ayurvedic Hospital In Kota

15 Years Experience in Treating Skin Disease

Ayurvedic Hospital in Kota is an exclusive Skin Treatment center ,this is  a first Ayurveda skin center in Rajasthan state ,Based on Ayurvedic Systems , psoriasis treatments, provide skin treatments for psoriasis lichen planus , vitiligo , eczema , uticaria face skin issues, skin irritation, sunburn,allergy,  operation marks, wound care, old wounds, diabetic ulcers, diabetic non healing wounds, leukoderma (vitiligo), psoriasis, scabies  and itching.

This leading Ayurveda skin center known throughout of India as a PSORIASIS TREATMENT center. Punarnav Ayurveda’s moto to give result oriented treatment for patients.

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Ayurveda Skin Care Services ​

Combining the best treatment and equipment to provide you nothing short of the best in Ayurveda

Nature Of Our Skin

Ailments, from stress to acne to stomach aches, originate when the system gets imbalanced (psoriasis treatments). All the Ayuvedic treatments work by bringing these principles back into balance. Before we start, it’s important to determine the Ayurverdic skin type…

Nature of Our Skin - Ayurvedic Hospital in Kota

Ckeck Your Skin Diet

Food and water forms the core of nourishment for your skin, so you need to eat well and eat for your type. Its obvious, but Ayurveda recommends that you should eat by acknowledging the body’s natural triggers of thirst and hunger.

What Patients Are Saying

Kamal Sharma
Kamal Sharma
Best treatment and suggestions
Akshay Prajapati
Akshay Prajapati
Best skin care clinic
Lalit Galav
Lalit Galav
Bahut acha treatment h sir . Or bahut aram mila ..
Kuldeep Meena
Kuldeep Meena
Best skin clinic Kota Rajasthan ❤️❤️
Mahesh Meena
Mahesh Meena
Best ayurveda clinic..❣️❣️
Ayurvedic Hospital in Kota

About Doctors

Ayurveda specialist with expertise in Psoriasis Treatment. Associated to Punarnav Ayurveda skin care center, Kota. Punarnav Ayurveda Skin Clinic gives Psoriasis and almost all major and small skin diseases treatment through spacial ayurveda treatment. This skin clinic have high rates of satisfied psoriasis patients and successful treatment plan for such kind of major skin diseases. ( psoriasis treatments.


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