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Leukoderma- the skin whitening disease is a gradual loss of pigment melanin from the skin layers resulting white patches on the surface of skin. Vitiligo is also a specific kind of leucoderma which has been used interchangeably with leukoderma. Leukoderma the distressing skin disease doesn’t make any organic harm as it is caused neither by germs nor due to bad blood.

Leukoderma usually starts with a small spot that later spreads into patches. Over time, due to the loss of pigment from the skin, the patches become whiter and each patch merge one another creating a broad patch. In some cases it spreads all over the body. Methods of establishing a complete cure of vitiligo or leukoderma have been insufficient in the modern science.

Leucoderma Treatments at Punarnav Ayurveda

Treatments for leucoderma in ayurveda at punarnav ayurveda skin center kota  can start after the initial  consultation with our doctor . The doctor initially analyses and fixes a special treatment program based on the causes of the leukoderma. The treatment period is very important. A complete leukoderma and vitiligo cure requires certain precautions before and during the period of medication.

How to Stop Vitiligo (hyper pigmentation)  

Leukoderma or vitiligo is more commonly found in women than in men. Impaired hepatic functions like jaundice, burn injuries, worms and other parasites in the alimentary canal, acute mental worry, gastric disorders, typhoid and faulty perspiratory mechanism are some of the main causes for vitiligo. Moreover, hereditary factors also affect the formation of leukoderma.

our skin clinic offers the best treatment for vitiligo for more than a decade. , a well known vitiligo expert in ayurveda medicine provides vitiligo natural treatment for major and minor vitiligo, child vitiligo, vitiligo on lips, hands, back, wrist, neck etc.

Our skin doctor’s treatment program for vitiligo proven for its capability to produce pigmentation in areas lacking color. The treatment  is very effective for preventing vitiligo by blocking the loss of pigment cells from the skin ,Our medicines , which are easily absorbed by the skin and increases blood circulation at the capillary level.

Vitiligo - Ayurvedic Hospital in Kota


Vitiligo - Ayurvedic Hospital in Kota


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