Nature Of Our Skin

Ailments, from stress to acne to stomach aches, originate when the system gets imbalanced. All the Ayuvedic treatments work by bringing these principles back into balance. Before we start, it’s important to determine the Ayurverdic skin type of skin.

With this understanding, let’s explore Ayurvedic rituals that work on delivering beauty. Here are three areas of life where listening to your dosha and taking action to correct any imbalances is crucial to the quality of your skin:

Vata skin   this type of skin have a nature to be darker, dry and has a tendency of being rough. Cool to the touch and often thin, this skin type is likely to experience excessive flakiness, dryness and eczema when in stress.

Pitta skin     pitta skin is soft, oily, fair to pale and has some warm complexion. Medium thick, this type of skin is more prone to acne, rashes and sores when you experience an imbalance.

Kapha skin type that is thick, oily, typically very light and cool to the touch. Kapha skin shows enlarged pores, blackheads and water retention in the process of imbalance.